The Jays Lose Their Winning Ways

Ok now we begin to tackle the rest of the A.L. East, lets starts with the birds up north.  Anyone else realize Bautista is 36 years old?  I didn’t, but the rest of the league did when nobody offered him a contract.  Between Bautista on the decline and Encarnacion gone, these Jays aren’t the same.  Aaron Sanchez is the real deal but after that are you really afraid of any pitcher in that rotation?  I’m not, hell I remember hitting a bomb off Stroman back in Long Island travel ball (jk he struck me out before I got to the batter’s box).  Tulo becomes more and more of a liability each year, I doubt he plays 100 games.    The Blue Jays are still a good team but not what they were.

Line: O/U 85.5 games

Pick: Under

1.2 units to win 1. 


The Guide to Friday

Two hockey games show up on a pretty confident slate across the board, lets get right into those 2 plays as well as a potential parlay we could attack here.


Chicago Blackhawks v. New York Islanders (@United Center; Chicago, Illinois)

I love the Blackhawks at home this year and I don’t think you will find them in a better spot than tonight for what will be looked at as “not an easy win”; but one that they should be able to pull off without a doubt. Aside from the fact Chicago has been on an absolute tear going 9-1-0 in their last 10 including a dominating 4-1 win in the United Center over the juggernaut of a team, the Penguins. The Isles on the road are 10-14-4 comparing to the Hawks 21-8-4 record at home (top 5 in NHL) and to make things even sweeter, the Islanders played a hard fought game last night in Texas and will have to travel to Chicago and be ready to play all within 12 hrs of each other. Look for the Hawks to extend their win streak to 6 in a row here against a tired New York side.

PICK: Blackhawks to win. (-200)

Vancouver Canucks v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Six


Carolina Hurricanes v. Arizona Coyotes (@PNC Arena; Raleigh, North Carolina)

I know the Hurricanes may be the furthest thing from what a gambling man considers a team they would feel comfortable putting money on but hear me out on this one.  Knowing that all hockey lines can be astronomical depending on the situation (for ex: Penguins home v. the Avalanche would probably boast a -500 money line if not more), this is a pick that can be pretty fair of a risk for a nice spot with a home team. The Arizona Coyotes are just as done and out of the playoffs as the Hurricanes but it seems that the fight is still there for the Canes while Arizona has no will left. After the trade deadline left them without Hanzal they look like an even worse team than their already awful record suggests.  They dropped a 6-3 game last night to the Sabres and will be traveling from Buffalo down to Raleigh to play back-to-back games. Carolina also has quite the record at home (18-9-2) comparing to the Coyotes (8-20-4) on the road.  After a rough stretch of games as well as a rough schedule, look for Carolina to take out some of their frustrations tonight and beat up on the trash Coyotes.

PICK: Hurricanes to win. (-230)



Getting into the last quick portion, a parlay on the line could be a play. Take the two picks above and adding a Penguins at home win over the Lightning gives us a nice 3 leg parlay here that could return a nice profit with solid plays.

PARLAY: Carolina Hurricanes win. (-230)                                                                                                                   Pittsburgh Penguins win. (-165)                                                                                                                   Chicago Blackhawks win. (-200)                                                                                                                   (10 to win 25)


MLB, Welcome Back You Sexy SOB

Let’s get started by getting these two things out of the way:

1. I’m a die hard Yankee fan

2. This isn’t a bias pick

But come on, 82.5?  Last time the Yankees had a winning percentage of .506 or lower (under .506 would be under 82 games won) Bush 1 was running the White House.  Girardi is coming close to a walk year and he wants to prove he can win with a young core.  No reason the Yanks don’t stay plus .500 heading into the trade deadline and then make a splash for the playoff run.

Line: O/U 82.5 games

Pick: Over

1.2 units to win 1.

The Guide to Thursday

We have two hockey games and a soccer game coming up today in what should be some lively action with 2 of the hockey games falling under what I believe to be a “sure win category”

Washington Capitals v. New Jersey Devils (@ Verizon Center; Washington, D.C.)

As much as it absolutely kills me to write this as a die hard Devils fan I just really do not see this one panning out any differently.  Washington has been unstoppable this year at the Verizon Center posting a 25-5-1 record (80% win percent), while the Devils have been a middle of the pack 12-13-6 on the road (39% win percent).  After the trade deadline left the Devils without P.A. Parenteau AND best defensive defenseman Kyle Quincey (only defenseman who held a positive +/- on a  team with a goal differential of -35) we see what resembles an expansion team on the ice. Capitals have not only been amazing but have gotten even better after signing stud defenseman Kyle Shattenkirk yesterday at the deadline. Capitals record in the last 10 (7-2-1) while the Devils posting a last 10 of (4-4-2).

PICK: Washington Capitals with the spread -1.5 (Even)



Ottawa Senators v. Colorado Avalanche (@ Canadian Tire Centre; Ottawa, Canada)

I have no fucking idea what is wrong with this Colorado team, they absolutely blow and its weird to say that considering on paper they actually resemble a pretty decent team with talent such as Duchene, Landeskog, Mackinnon, etc.  The Avs are 9-21-1 away…. NINE – TWENTY-ONE – ONE, that BLOWS. Ottawa is 2nd in the Atlantic and with 3 games in hand on Montreal they could make a serious push for that number 1 spot and it starts here.  Colorado is 2-7-1 in their last 10 while Ottawa has been 6-4-0. This is another game I really don’t see panning out any other way. Also, between these two hockey games I see a serious opportunity for a parlay (without the spread). Ottawa should be able to take this team down easily, don’t shy away from that line.

PICK: Ottawa Senators to win. (-250)


Sevilla v. Athletic Club (Bilbao) (@Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium; Seville, Spain)

Sevilla is a great team at home, 3rd best in the league of 20 teams at 9-1-1 and the best part about that is that all of their home points are coming from WINS, only one point coming from a tie.  Bilbao has seen a trend in their win/loss pattern this year posting consistent W/L/W/L/W/L and guess what they’re coming off of? You got it, a win.  Also, this year Bilbao is 2-2-7 on the road and has an awful goal record on the road (averaging .64 goals for on the road). Bilbao has lost both their last away games 2-0 against lesser teams. Sevilla have won their last 4 and has kept 3 clean sheets in their last 5 home games. Love home teams, always will.

PICK: Sevilla to win full time (-165)



The Guide to Wednesday

Tampa Bay Lightning v. Carolina Hurricanes (@Amalie Arena – Tampa, FL)

Getting straight into this one the Lightning have looked good as of late going 6-2-2 in their last 10 games. With the loss of Ben Bishop to the Kings the other night the lightning came out firing and took a 5-1 win on the road against a great Ottawa team who is 9th best in the NHL in GAA at home AND plays the trap. Carolina is tied for 26th in the NHL in Goals For (2.23/Game) as the away team while being the 8th worst in Goals Against as the away team (3.10/Game).  Carolina has also been a horrible 3-5-2 in their last 10 and is going on their 3rd GAME IN 4 DAYS.  Tampa is 16-11-2 at home vs. a tired, terrible Carolina side who is a god awful 7-16-7 (the 5th worst in the NHL).

PICK: Tampa Bay to win. (-170)



The Guide to Monday

Liverpool v. Leicester City (@King Power Stadium)

Normally I would stray from a game as this one due to the stats not completely being in favor of a single side.  However in this certain situation we see a Leicester team firing their coach (Claudio Ranieri) on the 23rd, in the middle of a MELTDOWN and likely without Ulloa and Slimani (2 very important pieces). Liverpool has had a whole 2 weeks to prepare for this badly beaten up team after coming off a very impressive (and dominating) victory over a strong Tottenham side.  Leicester has lost 7 of their last 9 matches in all play.  While the tables are turned on an abysmal Leicester team, Liverpool will try to take a full 3 points on the road to stay in contention for a Champions league spot. A win on Monday could land the Reds a 3 spot in the EPL, Klopp will be sure to light a fire under the boys.

PICK: Liverpool to win Full Time (-160)


The Guide to the Weekend

Sunday Coverage


Get into some more soccer-

Tottenham v. Stoke City (@White Hart Lane)

Tottenham coming off an embarrassing Europa round ultimately losing the round to KAA Gent.  Initial reaction “Who the fuck are they?”… The odds for gent to WIN either game were around the +1000/+1200 line; so yea they blow.  However lets get into the Sunday match-up between the Spurs and Stoke.  Tottenham NEEDS this win. First and foremost for the fans who are at their wits end with Tottenham’s incredibly piss poor inter-league play. Second, now that they are able to focus all their attention on making moves for the EPL title, its time to make up some ground. Tottenham have won their last 7 home games; on top of that the Spurs were able to keep a clean sheet in 5 of their last 6 home fixtures. Eriksen and Kane play very well at home and Pochettino will be sure to light a fire under someones ass before this game. With the Spurs goal differential at home being an extremely strong 26GF to 5GA accompanied by a 14GF to 21GA mediocre away goal differential for Stoke an angry Spurs team should be able to put this one away in the second half. Yes, I know the money line won’t be so good for the Spurs but I see this as a must win and a sure win.


PICK: Tottenham Hotspur to win full game (-250)



Daytona 500

Time to get into some good old American “My sisters my cousin” type of shit. Starting off with good ole’ Dale… Who doesn’t love the name, who doesn’t love the guy? Every line you’re going to get for the Daytona is astronomical and that’s why we love action like this, very low risk for a very high reward.  Dale is starting in 2nd and looks to be in prime form as of late.  Lets make this clear, just throw some on Dale and let the ghost of Dale Sr. work some magic.  Plus look at Dale Sr., mustache is incredible… Like a mid 69 chimney sweep for a butthole.


P.S. why not put a little on the goofy bastard Kyle Busch as well. Who has two thumbs and loves Busch? – This guy.



Dale Earnhardt Jr. (+600)

Kyle Busch (+1000)