The Guide to Tuesday

Since the Hockey space has been absolute shit lately, teams getting blown out left and right at home, teams that shouldn’t have a prayer actually pulling off wins, lets get back to the hot soccer space.

Juventus v. FC Porto (@Juventus Stadium; Turin, Italy)

Coming into this second leg of competition between the two sides, we know a couple of things.  Juventus has taken the first match on the road (2-0 victory) leaving the task of scoring 2 away goals up to Porto to even have a shot at advancing.  In Juventus stadium this is near impossible.  Juve has won all 15 of their home games in the Calcio A this season and during that run has scored a whopping 38G while only allowing 8G. Knowing Juve’s incredible ability to attack at home, I see no reason as to why they won’t push to get at least one goal in this ficture, therefore REALLY putting the pressure on Porto to score 3 on the road and leaving them incredibly vulnerable to these great Juve forwards on counter attacks.  73% of Juve’s home games have seen over 2.5 goals. Since the 2-0 loss to Juve, Porto has been on a tear scoring a total of 12 goals in their last 3 matches. It will be incredibly tough to keep both sides out of the back of the net in this match-up given Juventus’ amazing attack and Porto’s urgency. I believe a late goal will aid the over in this one and the match finishes 2-1 Juve.

PICK: Juventus v. FC Porto (over 2.5 Goals)



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