The Guide to the Weekend

Sunday Coverage


Get into some more soccer-

Tottenham v. Stoke City (@White Hart Lane)

Tottenham coming off an embarrassing Europa round ultimately losing the round to KAA Gent.  Initial reaction “Who the fuck are they?”… The odds for gent to WIN either game were around the +1000/+1200 line; so yea they blow.  However lets get into the Sunday match-up between the Spurs and Stoke.  Tottenham NEEDS this win. First and foremost for the fans who are at their wits end with Tottenham’s incredibly piss poor inter-league play. Second, now that they are able to focus all their attention on making moves for the EPL title, its time to make up some ground. Tottenham have won their last 7 home games; on top of that the Spurs were able to keep a clean sheet in 5 of their last 6 home fixtures. Eriksen and Kane play very well at home and Pochettino will be sure to light a fire under someones ass before this game. With the Spurs goal differential at home being an extremely strong 26GF to 5GA accompanied by a 14GF to 21GA mediocre away goal differential for Stoke an angry Spurs team should be able to put this one away in the second half. Yes, I know the money line won’t be so good for the Spurs but I see this as a must win and a sure win.


PICK: Tottenham Hotspur to win full game (-250)



Daytona 500

Time to get into some good old American “My sisters my cousin” type of shit. Starting off with good ole’ Dale… Who doesn’t love the name, who doesn’t love the guy? Every line you’re going to get for the Daytona is astronomical and that’s why we love action like this, very low risk for a very high reward.  Dale is starting in 2nd and looks to be in prime form as of late.  Lets make this clear, just throw some on Dale and let the ghost of Dale Sr. work some magic.  Plus look at Dale Sr., mustache is incredible… Like a mid 69 chimney sweep for a butthole.


P.S. why not put a little on the goofy bastard Kyle Busch as well. Who has two thumbs and loves Busch? – This guy.



Dale Earnhardt Jr. (+600)

Kyle Busch (+1000)


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